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Dr. Amar Deep Sharma

Dr. Amar Deep Sharma, PhD

Academic Career
2012-current: Group leader, junior research group “MiRNA in Liver Regeneration” – REBIRTH Cluster of Excellence, MHH, Hannover, Germany
2009-2012: Postdoctoral researcher, REBIRTH, MHH, Hannover, Germany
2006-2009: Postdoctoral researcher, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), USA
2002-2005: Promotion: MD/PhD Program, MHH, Hannover, Germany (PhD Supervisor: Professor Dr. Michael Ott) – Grade: Excellent (summe cum laude)

2000-2002: Master of Science in Biotechnology, JNU New Delhi, India
1996-1999: Bachelor of Science, SSV (PG) College, Hapur, India

1. “Publication of the year award” by German Stem Cell Network 2016 (Publication: Direct reprogramming of hepatic myofibroblasts into hepatocytes in vivo attenuates liver fibrosis. Cell Stem Cell, 2016)
2. Travel grant from FASEB Liver Meeting, Florida, USA, 2016
3. Award from Gilead Sciences International Research Scholars Program in Liver Diseases, 2013
4. Best poster Prize at 17 Symposium Hochschulinterne Leistungsförderung, MHH, 2011

Selected publications (with Dr, Sharma as first or corresponding author)
1. Yang D, Yuan Q, Balakrishnan A, Bantel H, Klusmann JH, Manns MP, Ott M, Cantz T, Sharma AD. MicroRNA-125b-5p mimic inhibits acute liver failure. Nature Communications 2016 June 23,7:11916.
2. Song G, Pacher M, Balakrishnan A, Yuan Q, Tsay HC, Yang D, Reetz J, Brandes S, Dai Z, Pützer BM, Araúzo-Bravo MJ, Steinemann D, Luedde T, Schwabe RF, Manns MP, Schöler HR, Schambach A, Cantz T, Ott M 1, Sharma AD 1. Direct reprogramming of hepatic myofibroblasts into hepatocytes in vivo attenuates liver fibrosis. Cell Stem Cell 2016 June 2,18(6):797-808. (1 Corresponding authors).
3. Möbus S, Yang D, Yuan Q, Lüdtke TH, Balakrishnan A, Sgodda M, Rani B, Kispert A, Vogel A, Manns MP, Ott M, Cantz T 1, Sharma AD 1. MicroRNA-199a-5p inhibition enhances liver repopulation ability of human embryonic stem cell-derived hepatic cells. Journal of Hepatology 2015;62:101-10. (1 Corresponding authors).
4. Yuan Q, Loya K, Rani B, Möbus S, Balakrishnan A, Lamle J, Cathomen T, Manns MP, Ott M, Cantz T, Sharma AD. MicroRNA-221 overexpression accelerates hepatocyte proliferation during liver regeneration. HEPATOLOGY 2013; 57(1):299-310.
5. Sharma AD 1, Narain N, Handel E-M, Iken M, Singhal N, Cathomen T, Manns MP, Scholer HR, Ott M, Cantz T. MicroRNA-221 regulates FAS-induced fulminant liver failure. HEPATOLOGY 2011; 53:1651-61. (1 Corresponding author).
6. Song G 2, Sharma AD 2, Roll GR, Blelloch RH, Willenbring H. MicroRNAs Control Hepatocyte Proliferation During Liver Regeneration. HEPATOLOGY 2010; 51:1735-1743. (2 Share first authorship).
7. Sharma AD 2, Cantz T 2, Vogel A, Schambach A, Hairdass D, Iken M, Bleidißel M, Manns MP, Schöler HR, Ott M. Murine embryonic stem cell-derived hepatic progenitor cells engraft in recipient livers with limited capacity of liver tissue formation. Cell Transplantation 2008;17:313-323. (2 Share first authorship).
8. Sharma AD, Cantz T, Richter R, Eckert K, Henschler R, Wilkens L, Jochheim-Richter A, Arseniev L, Ott M. Human cord blood stem cells generate human cytokeratin 18-negative hepatocyte-like cells in injured mouse liver. Am J Pathol 2005;167:555-64.
9. Cantz T 2, Sharma AD 2, Jochheim-Richter A, Arseniev L, Klein C, Manns MP, Ott M. Reevaluation of bone-marrow derived cells as a source for hepatocyte regeneration. Cell Transplantation 2004;13:659-66. (2 Share first authorship).