The YAEL foundation is a foundation with legal capacity according to civil law, and is registered in Hamburg. The mission of the foundation is to support scientific research on liver diseases, and to provide and propagate information on liver diseases.

With your donation, you directly support medical research and information.

Our foundation is acknowledged by the State of Hamburg (Finanzamt-Nord; tax no. 17/ 427/02991) to pursue charitable purposes, and is hence recognized as tax-privileged.

Your donations will only be used for charitable, tax-privileged purposes of the foundation.
The executive board and the board of trustees work in an honorary capacity. The marginal costs of administration are covered by the fixed revenues of the foundation. Therefore, your donation will be completely used for the charitable mission of the foundation.

Please support our mission by donating to the YAEL foundation, by bank transfer to:

Deutsche Bank
IBAN DE 87 2007 0000 0084 7228 00